Lake Ida Dry Cleaners in Delray Beach Florida


Lake Ida Cleaners offers two very different services to its clientele with respect to business type men’s shirts. As a professional drycleaner we can ‘Dry Clean and Hand Press’ your business shirt. This process offers the client a process that lengthens the wearable life of the garment and produces a pristine hand pressed garment. Dry cleaning is normally a gentler cleaning process than laundering, however the process is more costly due to the cleaning time, the machinery and solvents involved and the fact that the pressing is done by hand.

The other business shirt cleaning process that Lake Ida Cleaners offers to its clientele is a ‘Laundered Shirt’. Laundering is a little less gentle on fabrics and therefore may somewhat shorten the wearable lifespan of the shirt over the dry cleaning option. Additionally, because the garment is being wet cleaned, there is some potential exposure to dye bleeding and possible shrinkage, albeit very minimal. The upside to this process is the cost of cleaning. The cleaning process is relatively quick with the garment being washed and then dried, while still wet, on our cuff & collar and our double buck shirt unit machines. Our shirt unit can produce considerably more finished garments, with a single operator running the equipment, compared to the dry cleaning process. As a result, the cost of cleaning and pressing is significantly reduced. That cost savings is directly passed onto you, our clients, in the form of a very economical unit charge for the laundering of a business shirt. A laundered shirt finishes, on occasion, with some very small pressing imperfections... if those pressing imperfections are acceptable to the client, the laundered business shirt cleaning cost benefits are substantial. Most cottons and cotton/polyester blends can be laundered, other fabrications will generally require dry cleaning and hand pressing.