Lake Ida Dry Cleaners in Delray Beach Florida



Whether used to contour and shape a couture garment or hem a basic pair of pants, clothing alterations are necessary to improve the quality and fit of a garment. The seamstress and master tailor at Lake Ida Cleaners provide alteration expertise based upon knowledge of materials and fabrics, and their years of experience.


Clothing alterations are performed to fit a garment to a person’s body. Expert clothing alterations can hide problem areas on the body and reduce inches without the use of shape wear or dieting. Instead of purchasing new clothes, bargain-lovers can apply minimal alterations to their existing clothing to update their old clothes effortlessly and inexpensively.


Replacing a broken zipper, repairing torn sweaters or ripped jeans, and adjusting the hems of skirts and pants are also considered clothing alterations. Trust the experienced tailor and seamstress at Lake Ida Cleaners to perform these alterations for you.



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